• Cloud Software

    Businesses large and small rely on the cloud to host their software and store their data. We have years of experience building mission-critical, cloud-based solutions for our clients. Read More »

  • Interface Design

    We build software with visual components that reflect the quality of the underlying codebase. Clients love our interfaces because they are beautiful, easy-to-use, and intuitive. Read More »

  • Mobile Apps

    Whether you are interested in developing for the iOS or Android platform, Tyrannosaurus Tech has you covered. And if your app has a cloud component, we can help with that too! Read More »

  1. Domain Experts

    Our diverse team has the experience and domain expertise to tackle any challenge and deliver a great solution on time. From our first discovery meeting to delivery and deployment, we leverage deep industry and technical know-how to architect and implement the ideal solution.

  2. Robust Process

    We take a strategic approach to design and development. Through our own proven, transparent, and collaborative process, we bring focus and commitment to every client engagement, big and small, providing a clear ROI and an exceptional experience.

  3. The Right Tools

    We leverage only the best modern, stable and proven technologies for our clients. With our extensive and diverse experience, our toolbelt is versatile and our team team is well equipped to pick and implement the ideal technology solution to best serve your specific needs.

Our Mission Statement

We provide superior software development and innovative design, creating simple solutions for your organization's most complex problems.

Apps and Strategy for Software-Driven Companies

Launching a new product and need an MVP (minimum viable product)? We’ve got you covered. Across our team, we have extensive experience with startups. In fact, we’ve got several successful exits, VC rounds, and even an IPO under our collective belts. Let us help you bring your idea to life. We’ll work with you to choose the ideal technology and feature set. Before you know it, you’ll be up and running.

Colorful vector-drawn image of a dinosaur in front of a computer displaying a web app.

What Is A User Story?
by Stuart Singleton
If you are new to product development, the term “user story” might seem a little confusing. We tend to think of “stories” as long narratives in which a character embarks on a journey, encounters conflict, eventually overcomes or is defeated, […] Read More »
The Importance of Quality Assurance Testing
by Stuart Singleton
So, you’re ready to take the leap and build a digital product.  Congrats!  You’ve got a great idea, a team of software developers, and excitement for days. With a plan this solid, what could go wrong? Flash forward: the launch […] Read More »

In the Press

Hiring vs. Agency: Cost Analysis

So, you’re looking for a hotshot developer to take your tech team to the next level?

So, you’re looking for a hotshot developer to take your tech team to the next level? Well, it sounds like your business is growing and that is AWESOME. Congrats! But before you embark on the long and challenging journey of finding and on-boarding someone who has just the right skill set and is the perfect cultural fit, consider your options. Hey, every business loves the feeling of growing the team and, we totally get that. But particularly when it comes to software developers, companies can often get a better return on investment (ROI), enlist senior level talent, and accomplish their technical goals more quickly by partnering with an agency like Tyrannosaurus Tech. Not convinced?

Check out our whitepaper entitled The Best Developer You Never Had, Hiring vs. Using an Agency: A Comparative Cost Analysis. We’ve done in-depth industry research, crunched the numbers, and summarized our findings nicely in an easy-to-digest 5 pages. Is making a full-time hire the right move for your business right now? Don’t just take our word for it – dig in and decide for yourself.

“We’ve been able to move much faster since working with Tyrannosaurus Tech. They were able to ramp up on our codebase and be productive from day one.”

Jeremy Haile

Founder, Sideqik

“Tyrannosaurus Tech was super flexible working within our nonprofit budget. They were genuinely excited to work with a nonprofit and delivered a website that is functional and far better than what we had previously.”

Brenda Moorer

Marketing Manager, Kenny Leon's True Colors Theatre

“After working with several tech partners, I noticed right away that I would have a first-class experience with the entire team. I’ve gotten to work with Jason and Richard now for three different projects and look forward to many more. Given that I lead my own company and have lots of projects going at a time, I know I can trust the TT team to do a fantastic job, on time and on budget.”

Jenn Graham

Founder, Aha! Strategy

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