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  3. Daniel Powell
  4. Carlos Gonzales
  5. Karissa Austin
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Tyrannosaurus Teamwork

At Tyrannosaurus Tech, we take our work (but not ourselves) very seriously. We are a group of creative thinkers, innovators, big dreamers, and practical jokers. We’re blessed to love what we do and, we come into the office each day excited to build things, solve problems, and think creatively. Our team is made up of A players and represents some of the brightest minds in technology.


Our Mission Statement

We provide superior software development and innovative design, creating simple solutions for your organization's most complex problems.

Our Mission

T yrannosaurus Tech is a software development agency rooted in Atlanta, GA. We are a team of innovative designers and top-tier developers that thrives on solving complex problems, designing elegant solutions, and providing maximum ROI for our customers. Through our own proven, transparent, and collaborative agile process, we help companies leverage technology to tackle their biggest challenges. We humanize the development process and clarify the complex undertaking of bringing an idea to life. Working closely with our clients, we determine a clear path forward towards success and continued growth. Put simply, our team combines passion with superior technical talent to create one of a kind web and mobile products.

Picture of a plastic Triceratops.

The Story Behind Our Name and Logo

H ere at Tyrannosaurus Tech, we take our work (but not ourselves) very seriously. We set out to work hard and to do great work ... but we also wanted to have a good time along the way and create a culture and a lifestyle that we could enjoy. So when the name Tyrannosaurus Tech popped into our heads, we said “what the heck, let’s go for it!”

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Jason Bishop | Co-Founder

Jason has been a part of Atlanta's startup community since graduating from Georgia Tech in 2007. Throughout his career, Jason has lead key software initiatives at growth companies, including SRM at Vitrue (purchased in 2012 by Oracle) and YouTube Analytics at Fullscreen (purchased in 2014 by AT&T and The Chernin Group). His team contributions alternate between code development and the creation of design assets. In 2011, Jason founded Nightsprout, a Ruby on Rails development shop, with the goal of replicating previous technology successes for large and small businesses. At Nightsprout, Jason had the opportunity to work with a variety of companies ranging from non-profits like The Task Force for Global Health to recognizable brands like Porsche AG or Atlanta-based Ticket Alternative. In 2016, Jason oversaw the merger between Nightsprout and Tyrannosaurus Tech, effectively doubling software development capacity. Despite his interest in software, Jason was not, contrary to popular belief, raised in California, but Kentucky. When he isn’t programming, he may be found cycling, drawing, or being mistaken for Steve Aoki.
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Richard Simms | Co-Founder

An Atlanta native, Richard spent the first several years of his career in technology working with Cvent, a SaaS company based in Washington, DC. During his four years there, Cvent raised a hefty investment, rolled out new products, and experienced massive growth, ultimately leading to an IPO. Swept up in the excitement, Richard caught the tech bug (big time) and hasn’t looked back since! Following his time at Cvent, Richard worked with an early stage startup called HighGround based in Chicago. After helping to raise an initial investment round, the next step was naturally…to hire developers and build the product! With that, Richard stumbled into the world of web development and his hunger for learning to “code” was born. That love of “code” led Richard to cofound, Tech Talent South, an alternative education company specializing in intensive in-person programs teaching web and mobile development. Over the span of a few years, “TTS” grew by leaps and bounds (and is still growing) and became one of the top ranked “coding bootcamps” in the Southeast and in the world. Although still a part-owner at TTS, Richard now spends his days fully focused on bringing amazing ideas and products to life with Tyrannosaurus Tech.
Richard Simms
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Carlos Gonzales | Co-Founder

A Puerto Rican native, Carlos started his career in technology over a decade ago consulting small businesses on local server/client environments and point of sales solutions. As he grew his customer base, Carlos saw an increasing need for a strong web presence amongst his clients. Seizing this opportunity, Carlos realized it was time for him to learn to code. He began building simple static websites and quickly built his way up to using more complex content management systems such as Wordpress. From that point on, there was no looking back. He continued to acquire experience, eventually meeting his first true tech-love, Ruby, which he devoted years to mastering. Soon, he was hired by CareerBuilder where he worked on building an internal CMS. After helping a small team reach v1 of the CMS, he decided to pursue another challenge in the ecommerce space, landing a position with HubLogix, formerly eCommHub. At HubLogix, he helped raise a series B investment round which ultimately fueled the strategic acquisition of a competitor. Eager to jump into a new challenge, Carlos worked alongside David Cummings in the initial stages of WorkGreat, Cummings’ latest venture. Since then Carlos has worked on a number of projects for companies including AT&T, Harman, and Tech Talent South, just to name a few. A constant contributor and supporter of the Atlanta tech community, Carlos is now fully devoted to Tyrannosaurus Tech, where he helps startups and larger enterprises bring their visions to life.
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Karissa Austin | Marketing Coordinator

Karissa left the LA sunshine of her childhood to head east to the concrete jungle of NYC. It didn’t take her very long to realize she had no interest in finance, snow, or paying $1200 a month for a closet. Instead, she joined Venture for America, dove right in to the startup world, moved to Atlanta, and hasn’t looked back. Karissa has helped fast-growing startups and agencies alike use the full range of digital marketing channels to grow their client bases. She believes that the best marketing balances data and creativity and, above all, feels human. When she’s not helping Tyrannosaurus Tech expand, you can probably find her reading a book at a coffee shop around town, cooking vegetarian food that isn’t salad, or hanging out with her one-eyed shih tzu named Malo.
Karissa Austin
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Daniel Powell | VP of Technology

Hailing from Augusta, GA, Daniel is the quintessential computer “whiz kid” and a self-described “programming gearhead.” Fun fact...he first began learning to write code at the age of 8! After studying linguistics and cognitive science at the University of Georgia, Daniel returned to his true passion of software development and now drives our engineering efforts here at Tyrannosaurus Tech. Prior to joining Tyrannosaurus Tech, Daniel worked at Fullscreen Media, a global leader in social-first entertainment experiences, and focused on data warehousing and analytics. Put simply, this guy is crazy smart and loves to code.
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Roberto Rivera | Backend Developer

Originally from Puerto Rico, Roberto serves as an integral member of our engineering team, focusing primarily on back-end web development. Prior to his work with Tyrannosaurus Tech, Roberto built up quite the pedigree, serving in engineering roles at companies such as SendGrid, Honeywell Aerospace and Eli Lilly and Company. Needless to say, with Roberto, your project is in good hands. When he’s not up to his neck in code, Roberto spends his free time traveling the globe and volunteering for great organizations such as Code for America.
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Robert Fogarty | Senior Backend Developer

Born and raised in Augusta, GA, Robert Fogarty rounds out Tyrannosaurus Tech’s strong team of back-end developers. A double-major in Computer Science and Linguistics at the University of Georgia, Robert brings expertise and imagination to every project he tackles here at Tyrannosaurus Tech. Prior to joining our team, Robert worked with a number of technology companies in Atlanta such as Travel Syndication Technology, Elemica, Better Cloud, and Fullscreen, where he earned his stripes tackling sophisticated problems with code. Fun fact about Robert….he’s a black belt in kickboxing and has studied traditional european longsword fencing. In other words, if you’re thinking about breaking into our office....think again!
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Joshua Hunt | Backend Developer

Joshua is a Georgia native, and has been a resident of Atlanta ever since moving here to attend Georgia Tech in the early aughts. Having graduated with degrees in both design and engineering, he draws from his multi-disciplinary background when crafting solutions as a software developer. Joshua has worked within the Atlanta technology and startup scene for the past several years, wearing a variety of hats in a number of roles. Before joining the team at Tyrannosaurus Tech, previous positions have involved everything from technical support and operations management to community outreach and project management. He has worked at a range of companies, including enormous corporations with tens of thousands of employees and a startup with three people. Joshua has found that smaller companies with tightly knit teams allow for the best opportunities to grow and contribute, and he feels right at home at Tyrannosaurus Tech.
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Blake Charvoz | Director of Operations and Customer Success

A Texan (Austinite!) and tech enthusiast, Blake joined Tyrannosaurus Tech to handle ops and project management. With over eight years of experience in technology working with agencies of all sizes, and even running his own little digital studio at one point, he is working with the team at Tyrannosaurus Tech to make 2018 the biggest, and best year yet. Throughout his career in technology, he's worked with all kinds of clients, from some of the funkiest startups to a few of the bigger Fortune 500 companies like State Farm, GameStop, Exxon Mobil and the Home Depot. He got his start in tech as a developer, but found his way shortly thereafter into the operations world. Turns out operations and project management are more his thing, with a specific emphasis the last four years on mobile solutions working with some of the top UI/UX design talent in the world.

We're hiring!

Tyrannosaurus Tech is growing and always on the lookout for top-tier talent. Our team moves fast, works hard, and has a good time doing it. If you’re looking for a normal 9 to 5, Tyrannosaurus Tech is not for you. We like passionate dynamic self-starters with a sense of humor and a desire to make the world a better place with technology. Does this sound like you? Cool! Check out our open positions below and hit us up if you want to talk.

  • UI/UX Designer

    Are you a tech geek with a great eye for design? Tyrannosaurus Tech might be the place for you to cut your teeth. From mockups to clickable prototypes, we’re up to our necks in InVision and Adobe app day. Join us and dive in!

  • Back End Developer

    Are you nuts over Node.js? Do you rave about Ruby on Rails? You may need psychiatric help. That or you may be interested in a software development position with us. We are hiring engineers of all experience levels!

  • Mobile Developer

    Does Swift make you sweat? Are you an animal for Android? Crushing on cross-platform mobile development? We are getting lots of mobile project and….we need your help! Join our team and help us build awesome apps.

    "We’ve been able to move much faster since working with Tyrannosaurus Tech. They were able to ramp up on our codebase and be productive from day one."

    Jeremy Haile

    Founder, Sideqik

    “The Tyrannosaurus Tech team really went above and beyond in their work on our project. Their attention to detail and responsiveness made for a painless process and a great ROI for our company. I would definitely recommend working with Tyrannosaurus Tech.”

    Prem Bhatia

    Founder, Cooleaf

    “After working with several tech partners, I noticed right away that I would have a first-class experience with the entire team. I’ve gotten to work with Jason and Richard now for three different projects and look forward to many more. Given that I lead my own company and have lots of projects going at a time, I know I can trust the TT team to do a fantastic job, on time and on budget.”

    Jenn Graham

    Founder, Aha! Strategy

    “Tyrannosaurus Tech was super flexible working within our nonprofit budget. They were genuinely excited to work with a nonprofit and delivered a website that is functional and far better than what we had previously.”

    Brenda Moorer

    Marketing Manager, Kenny Leon's True Colors Theatre

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