5 Essential Mobile Health Apps

Staying healthy. One of the most daunting tasks man has faced. We get it, in this fast paced work environment, staying healthy can be tough. It almost seems that everything you’re doing now is the exact opposite of what you should be doing and is bound to give you some sort of life threatening disease later down the line. With so much to balance (your diet, your mental well being, and exercise) staying healthy can be difficult, but it really doesn’t have to be. Tech in healthcare has come so far that this process can be really seamless and easy, if you just know what mobile health apps to download. So to make sure I picked the best app’s possible, I asked our very own developers to see what they use to stay healthy, even with their busy lifestyles. Here’s the 5 app’s that I learned about, so you can balance your health with ease.


Have you ever wished you could be as jacked as Thor, but have to spend most of your time and energy coding rather than researching crazy workout plans and looking for healthy recipes? This app is for you! One of our team members told me about this, and how its been able to keep him healthy and active, with the only real effort having to be put into following the workout and diet regimens.The app is Chris Hemsworth’s latest creation and enables everybody to have access to the resources Hemsworth had when he miraculously gained 20 pounds of muscle for Thor. Centr utilizes information from high status Hollywood trainers, and chefs to give you customized meal plans and workout regimens. While there are many of these “planner apps” (such as 8fit) how Centr differentiates is its wide number of features. Want to know what all you need to pickup from the grocery store to make these weeks meals? Tap on each meal you plan on having this week and it spits back out a grocery list to make the experience simple. Centr also gives you podcast recommendations, meditation tips, and music to listen to, all to boost your overall mental and physical health. While its not free (Packages ranging from 19.99 a month to $120 a year) it definitely seems like a useful application for those who may not have a ton of time to go to the gym and plan out what they want to eat. If you can stick with it, this definitely seems like a great app.


Headspace is an app recommended by our very own co-founder Carlos Gonzalez. Headspace aims to pull in its users in the first 10 days. They recognize that many of its users may have little to no experience with meditation, and do their best to embrace that and capitalize on it. It truly captures the essence of meditation. As somebody who has a very short attention span, the app has prompted me with short, guided sessions that enable this whole “meditation process’ to be quick, easy, and convenient. The app guided meditation and allows for you to choose your reasoning for why you may be wanting to meditate. After your selection you’re then given a “plan” which gives you a number of sessions and techniques to try during those sessions. This app definitely has some pretty great resources, and for those looking to get into meditation this is most definitely a great starting point. After the 10 day trial period the app is billed at $12.99 Monthly and $94.99 annually.


What can we say about MyFitnessPal that hasn’t been said before? This was an application that was recommended widespread throughout the office, and is perfect for our busy developers just because of how quick it is. MyFitnessPal makes tracking your diet super simple, something that we all look for in a good healthcare and wellness app. The app has always been king in terms of health and fitness. You are able to place specifications for your desired body type, and are prompted with caloric goals and even macro breakdowns if you plan on tracking macros. MyFitnessPal makes sure to keep you accountable with its notifications reminding you to track your meals and exercise, and even offers some possible recipes that fit your diet.


Fabulous is a habit tracking app that allows you to have personalized goals to keep yourself accountable. As developers we may not have the best habits, and it can be hard to keep yourself accountable when you have a lot on your plate, but Fabulous helps you create good habits through small tasks. The app isn’t advertised as something that has the ability to change your life overnight, but rather something that will build slowly to the specific goals you have in mind. It frequently shows the quotes “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and “The man who moves a mountain starts by carrying small stones”. For me I had specified that I wished to be more energetic throughout the day, so Fabulous gave me a goal, drink water every morning. That’s it: just drink some water every morning. They start by giving you small manageable goals, and slowly build onto bigger habits that don’t seem that daunting as you progress. They aim to create a “morning ritual” so that you can kickstart your day, the right way. Along with the habit tracker, the app has numerous guides. One of my favorites has been the “Deep Work” feature that walks you through what to get started before your deep work session, then makes sure you stay on track for that allotted time. Along with that they have numerous exercises you can do in short periods of time, so missing a day is no longer an excuse. The app will prompt you with notifications that will gently remind you to do your small task for the day, so forgetting will never be a possibility either. Its pricing starts at $60 a year and goes up to a one time payment of $250 for a lifetime membership.

Zombies, Run!

So I’ve always been a fan of running apps like Map my run which allows me to track my progress and see how far I’ve been running, but as soon as I found “Zombies, Run!” I think I immediately had a new favorite. The app makes something that I personally have found mundane (running) into a game of sorts. You are one of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse and you have a base in this town called Abeltown. Through your runs you are completing missions for Abeltown, getting supplies, running from zombies, you know just normal apocalypse things. The app allows you to still play your music, but just interrupts when a part of the mission is starting, and allows for you to have your run as long or as short as you want it to be. It has elliptical and treadmill support too so you can constantly be playing the game. It also includes a wide range of adventures too, one of them being a Lewis and Clark like expedition where you discover the continent. This mobile app is definitely going to be motivating me to step out and take a jog more often, as the interactive nature of it is so encapsulating. Now if you don’t mind me, I have a town to provide for.

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