Get to Know the Winners and Finalists of Atlanta Startup Battle Spring 2018

Every quarter, hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs and startup junkies descend upon Tech Square Labs for Atlanta Startup Battle, a local pitch competition with a grand prize of $100,000. The competition has quickly grown since its inception, as evidenced by the over 500 applicants to this year’s event. But alas, there could only be 6 finalists, and it was a highly competitive pool to say the least. In fact, attendees and finalists alike were delighted to learn that two runners up were also awarded funding—the competition was just that good.

Read up on these companies, because you’ll certainly be hearing more about them in the future!

Grand Prize Winner: OssPolice


Cybersecurity startup OssPolice went home with the bacon this year. Founded by Ashish Bilani and Ruian Duan, the software helps audit open-source software for license violations and security breaches. The investors saw the potential of this tool to help developers utilize open-source software without putting their companies at risk of legal trouble.

Runners Up



Cove.Tool brings a much needed dose of data science to architecture. The platform helps architects, engineers, and firms quickly run analysis to optimize for building efficiency and cost. Founded by former architects Sandeep Ahuja and Patrick Chopson, Cove.Tool aims to fight climate change, one building at at time.



Eletype’s tag line says it all: they cover your ads. Founded by Michael Sengbusch and Brian Mullaney, this sleek marketing agent fuels digital marketing communication to help marketing teams stay on top of the metrics they really care about. Eletype integrates with Facebook, Google AdWords, and Instagram, and is particularly great when you link it with Slack.




Founded by Bruce Rasa, Erick Kobres, John Swansey, and Aaron Gobin, AGVoice uses mobile voice analytics to improve sustainability and reduce environmental impact across the agriculture industry.


Trusted Sale

Trusted Sale improves the safety and security of peer-to-peer sales by facilitating cashless transactions through their third party app (though the app has a focus on car sales). The company was founded by seasoned tech executive Paul Brobson.


CPG Toolbox

Founded by Rick Pensa, CPG toolbox offers a cloud-base analytics platform that streamlines and optimizations trade promotion management for CPG companies.

We’ll see you at the next Atlanta Startup Battle!

Event photos courtesy of Hypepotamus 

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