Ferocious Front-End Dev, Jamie Smith, Joins Tyrannosaurus Tech

It started with a tornado.

Or at least that’s the most fun way to tell people why I moved to Atlanta from Chicago in November of 2016. But that’s a story for a different time.

I can honestly say that Tyrannosaurus Tech is the company I’ve been looking for since I began my career in tech almost 10 years ago. Starting at a small e-commerce company (TSS Radio) that sold satellite radios as a proxy for SiriusXM, née Sirius Satellite Radio. Fun as it was to work as a customer service specialist in an industry where I had to learn everything from the ground up, (spending time at the studios in Rockefeller Center was the most fun. Word to the wise, do NOT try to sit in Howard Stern’s chair) I wanted more. I wanted to be the one creating the platforms companies used to sell products. I wanted to be the one helping small businesses achieve their dreams!

So I did it.

I’ll never forget what I consider my first real web development job. It was for a marble & tile company that may or may not have been involved with one or several organized crime syndicates. I mean, it was Chicago after all. While I did spend a lot of time working to build and maintain their website, I was also tasked with catching the occasional peregrine falcon that would get loose in the office. Or perhaps I’d be hoisted 25 feet above the ground standing on the tong of a forklift so we could string internet cable along a live power line. “Be careful! Don’t touch the power line!”, they would playfully shout as I gingerly threaded the zip-tie wondering how far I would fly after I accidentally grazed the line and if I would look cool in my last seconds soaring through the air.

I quit that job.

I quit that job because it was dangerous but also because I entered into a front-end design program called Designation. It was there my career found focus. It was the summer of 2014 and I’ll never forget the hours spent working on projects, joking around with my cohort mates, and then frantically catching up on worked missed while joking around.

Fast forward through dozens of clients, thousands of coffees, a tornado, and 10 hour road trip here I am today. Tyrannosaurus Tech is a (for now) small company helmed by great people. They, or I guess I can say ‘we’ now, are focused on building quality digital products for our clients; A trait that I find to be crucial to the success of burgeoning digital agency.

I’m really excited to be starting a new chapter of my life here in Atlanta and there could be no better opening to that chapter than Tyrannosaurus Tech. Let’s just keep the tornado’s to a minimum.