7 of the Best WordPress Plugins for Startups

Whether you’ve just closed your Series A or are barely building your website, it’s important to get the most of a tight startup budget. Check out these 7 free and cheap WordPress plugins that will boost your SEO, content marketing, analytics, and social media initiatives to help your company scale (can you say IPO?).



A compilation of the best WordPress plugins wouldn’t be complete without Yoast—it’s the most popular SEO plugin for a reason. Yoast lets you choose a target keyword (or keywords) and analyzes your blog post for SEO opportunities and errors. It also will give you a readability score based on the Flesch Reading Ease formula, because nobody wants to read a blog post that sounds like it was written for an inanimate search engine. For startups looking to kick start their content marketing, Yoast is a must have.

Price: Free! You can also upgrade to Yoast SEO Premium for $89 a year.



If your startup’s content marketing strategy is lacking in keyword optimization, Rankie can help with that. This WordPress plugin makes it easy to do keyword research, track keyword ranking changes, and generate reports on keyword ranking progress. Every startup wants to put itself in front of the right people, and Rankie is an effective and inexpensive way to help you do it.

Price: $21 for a regular license.



Google Analytics is the easiest and cheapest analytics option for your WordPress site. That said, there can be a learning curve for the less technical startup founders out there. Enter: MonsterInsights, a WordPress plugin that makes it super easy to install and use Google Analytics on your site. Whether you’re an ecommerce, SaaS, or services shop, this plugin will have you tracking user behavior in no time.

Price: $39-$299 a year, depending on the plan.



Ok, so Grammarly isn’t a WordPress plugin—sue me. But it’s a great Chrome extension for copyediting and proofreading in real time. Engaging and well-written blog posts mean a lower bounce rate, which in turn helps out with SEO rankings, which in turn helps transform your startup into the next unicorn. For the grammatically challenged out there, Grammarly will save you from embarrassing typos while providing an SEO boost.

Price: Free!



Social media plugins are a bit notorious for slowing your site down, so it’s important to choose one that has useful features without weighing on your site. AddToAny is one of the few options that meets this criteria. With over 100 social media sites supported, AddToAny lets you customize social media counters and share buttons on your posts. It’s an easy way to encourage social engagement with your readers and help your social media team keep tabs on how much engagement your content is getting.

Price: Free!



Nobody likes trolls in the comments section. They’re sad, annoying, and when it comes to blogging, they’re really bad for SEO. Akismet helps keep them at bay. This nifty WordPress plugin helps filter out spam comments and contact form submissions to give your startup credibility, in addition to keeping your search rankings pristine.

Price: $0-$50 a month for an Akismet API Key. The price varies depending on the size of your company.  


W3 Total Cache

If your site can’t load in the time it takes you to read this sentence, the probability your users will bounce goes up by 106%. Luckily, W3 Total Cache can help speed things up. This WordPress plugin increases page load time through browser caching, progressive rendering, and HTTP compression. In plain speak: W3 Total Cache does some cool stuff on the backend to get you up to a 10x increase in site speed.

Price: Free!

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