Director of Operations Blake Charvoz T-Tech’s Latest Hire

I owe my start into the tech industry to Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg…err Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker.

When I was 20 I saw the movie “The Social Network” and afterward remember thinking “These guys are amazing, I gotta get a job in tech.” I also knew from that point on I would only follow two rules about the work I pursued:

  1. Work with awesome people

  2. Work on big things

So I set off to get a job in the tech world, and things got weird pretty quickly.

A few weeks later I got my first job in tech thanks to Craigslist. After seeing the previously mentioned movie, I decided I would do whatever it took to get into the tech industry, so I applied for literally every job I could find and hoped someone would take a shot on me.

I got the email on a Friday to come in the following Monday morning to interview for a WordPress Development spot at a four-person web design company in Houston, Texas and with that, I began cramming as much as info as possible into my head on web development.

So, after a few millennia, I was lucky enough to find the team at Tyrannosaurus Tech. There’s something unique growing here, aside from the obvious and heavy use of dinosaur puns, that I knew I had to be part of, and am beyond happy to be on the team.

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