Coding and Creativity

If you told me before I started coding that it was a creative process, I would have thought you were crazy. I always imagined coding as computational, mathematical and probably boring. 

I spent the last 8 years working as an audio engineer, producer, and musician around the Atlanta area. Tired of the unreliable income and schedule I started looking for a new career path. The only stipulation I had was that it was something where I could be creative. Luckily, I was guided to a software engineering bootcamp. Quickly my mind changed and I was getting the same feeling from coding that I get from recording a song. I started coding my own drum machines and synthesizers and developed a passion for coding. I started to see how I could combine these two creative passions together in my future.

 It feels like I’m using  the same “mental muscle” to code as I am to record music. I have seen my creative process grow and become more productive, applying processes that help me as a developer to the songwriting and recording process. 

I find myself being most creative with code when I’m figuring out how to solve problems given particular constraints, pushing me to think outside of the box. It’s like solving a puzzle that no one has figured out before and that can be pretty exciting, sometimes frustrating, and always fun. So many times I was tasked with something I didn’t think I could do or figure out. Once I broke it down into smaller pieces, though, I started to realize it’s very possible to do. I never would have thought I’d love writing algorithms, but I do. It pushes me to think outside the box and come up with a creative solution that in the end will hopefully help someone or solve a problem in society. 

Now I think of code as a blank canvas, beaming with possibilities that are only limited by our creativity. If you are a creative person and you are interested in technology learning, to code is one of the most valuable skills you can learn right now and for our future.

JB Watson