Discovering My Passion

Coming from an immigrant family, I was always taught the necessity of hard work and how fundamental education was to success. I had always wanted to follow my mother’s wishes and my older brother’s shadow by becoming a doctor. For the longest time I had been dead set on it, proudly declaring that this was the path that I was destined to take. But as time went on and my brother slowly accumulated more and more debt whilst simultaneously adding more years of schooling, the appeal of becoming a doctor wore off. What really hit the nail though was my freshman year of high school biology and the 70’s I held for both semesters of the class. While I’m not sure if it was my lack of interest or the difficulty of the material, one thing was for certain, I would not survive medical school.

After I decided that medicine was not my cup of tea, I started to look for other career paths I could pursue, and that’s when I really got the chance to admire my parents. Watching them grow a small business and work relentlessly in order to ensure my comfortable lifestyle never wavered was something I never really appreciated until I took this step back. I decided then that I wanted to be just like them, except do it bigger, and start earlier. I decided to combine my hobby of shoes with my newfound passion of entrepreneurship and created my own small business where I bought and sold streetwear pieces to turn a profit. It was steady work, generating me hundreds of dollars in pocket change, yet for some reason I just kind of fell out of it. Maybe it was me becoming disheartened after not being able to get a certain shoe or maybe it was just a lack of motivation. To this day this remains one of my biggest regrets. Sure I could just pick it back up and restart it, but the market has become so saturated now that I just don’t see the appeal anymore. I could easily dwell on my mistakes and wonder why I didn’t accomplish the goals I wanted to, or I could work actively to correct them. That’s when I realized one of my biggest flaws was my lack of marketing knowhow. I’ve come to realize that marketing skills are imperative for any entrepreneur to be successful. This eureka moment sparked my infatuation with everything related to marketing, and I now spend free time reading up on different strategies and tactics. My dreams started to consist of me employing the most BA marketing strategy on the planet, and just as my business was about to reach 1 trillion in revenue, the alarm would wake me up. Every. Time. I realized I needed to make this dream into a reality, which is why I was so happy when Tyrannosaurus Tech extended this internship to me. Learning more about the subject I’m so passionate about, and finally being able to deploy those strategies I’ve obsessed over is a dream come true. I’m so excited to see all my ideas finally come to fruition, and help to grow this company as much as I possibly can.