Joshua Hunt joins Tyrannosaurus Tech as Intern, Declines Opportunity as Jurassic Park Geneticist

It honestly didn’t matter what the company did. It was dinosaur themed. That was all that was necessary to make me want to work there. Maybe it was a genetics laboratory, with a mission to create dinosaurs from chicken DNA. Or maybe it was a software development company. The possibilities were boundless, but I had to be a part of it. Turns out it was that software thing, which is alright, I suppose.

Fortunately, I bring with me a few years experience in the Atlanta technology community. I’ve worked on the Support and Operations side of technology companies, including with a startup laboring to bring an amazing product to market and with established companies that were refining existing products and developing new feature sets for their users. I also have an academic background in design and engineering; albeit, it is neither of the software- nor dinosaur-engineering varieties, I’m afraid, and I do not have any experience with genetics, as it relates to either extinct lizards or their modern descendants, chickens. So, perhaps it is for the best that Tyrannosaurus Tech is not a company led by John Hammond.

Working with small companies that have a startup atmosphere has been a great experience in the past, since it results in wearing oh-so-many hats on a day-to-day basis and a continual drive to explore and learn. While much of my experience has been in operations-focused, user-facing roles, I’ve taken every opportunity to work with, contribute to, and learn from the development teams around me, and my career path has been moving towards the development side of things. So, when my longtime friend (and Tyrannosaurus Tech co-founder), Jason, mentioned that his dinosaur themed company was looking to grow a bit, I was thrilled to join up and be a part of this awesome group of people.

In the short time that I’ve been here, I’ve been astounded by the community-driven focus of Tyrannosaurus Tech, and the absolute desire to bring the most to each project for every client. Every day is spent building solutions to help each client succeed at their own goals, and that perspective on their work makes every project exciting and fun to be a part of. It’s also that way of thinking about things that makes for the best results in building those solutions. And even then, the company is going beyond just delivering for their clients by also being involved in the community, leading Meetup groups and events, and being a part of others.
Tyrannosaurus Tech is creating a fantastic culture and mission for themselves, and I’m excited to be a part of that, and to contribute my own experience. Joining Tyrannosaurs Tech is only the first step of what I’m sure will be an amazing journey.