Maximillian Naza, Singularly Great Intern, Joins Tyrannosaurus Tech Team

Hello. It is I. The great; the one and only Maximillian. On a more serious note, my name is Maximillian Naza, and I am currently a Computer Science major at Georgia State University. Growing up, I always loved messing around with computers and figured it would be nice if I could make a career out of it. Coming out of high school and choosing Computer Science as a major over Computer Engineering, I had little to no idea of what awaited me on the other side. I didn’t know anything about programming or the plethora of languages that were available.

Freshman year of college was very challenging because of personal reasons I won’t get into in this post, but it started affecting my school work as well. I grew frustrated with any and everything I dealt with. I remember one occasion where I was having a very hard time figuring out a programming assignment, mostly because I couldn’t bring myself to focus. I then took a break and started brainstorming about different ways programming could be abolished. The irony is that I am interning as a Software Engineer. Not only that, I would also like to become a Software Engineer when I, finally, graduate college this upcoming December.

Before Tyrannosaurus Tech, I had been looking for an internship as a Software Engineer, but had a hard time finding one because of a lack of relevant experience….duh, I’m still in school after all! I grew frustrated with the process. How could I ever get any relevant experience if no one ever gave me a chance? The most upsetting part was the fact that all the feedback I got, that is when I did get any was positive, if not tremendous. It didn’t make sense to me at all. Then came in Tyrannosaurus Tech. They saw my skills and my potential and decided to afford me the opportunity, and for that I will forever be grateful.

Even though I love programming, it’s not all that I do daily. I once tried to start a business on my own. It didn’t work out but now a lot of my friends (and sometimes people I don’t even know) come to me to ask for advice whenever they have an idea. It’s been a humbling experience. I hate not knowing stuff so I try my best to learn as much as I can in my free time about businesses and startups in general. I feel I get so much respect from my peers on the subject because they can somehow relate to me. As college students we all seem to face the same struggles, for the most part. I also help friends out with their class assignments…sometimes even with classes I either haven’t taken yet or will never take because those classes don’t make up my curriculum. I also enjoy asking for help. It allows me to pick other people’s’ brains and I don’t believe there’s a better feeling, from an intellectual standpoint.

Another interest of mine within the computer science field is security. I have been reading a number of books about security in general, as well as about Kali Linux. I would like to partake in different bug bounty programs such as HackerOne by the end of next month. Other interests of mine (which are completely unrelated to tech) are comedy and acting. I had my first 2 acting gigs earlier this month and I plan on having my first official open mic sometime before the end of the month. I say first official because this will be my first time doing it in front of an audience of strangers. I feel that partaking in these activities, which are completely unrelated to one another, gives me an open mind and helps me to develop myself intellectually. I’m not sure how the comedy and acting thing will turn out, but right now they’re just hobbies of mine. My focus for now is and will be on software engineering, and Tyrannosaurus Tech, until further notice.