Stefanie Jewett roars as Tyrannosaurus Tech’s new Marketing Coordinator

Joining Tyrannosaurus Tech is one of those rare full circle moments you get in life. After all, it was at co-founder Richards Simms’ previous company, Tech Talent South, that I began my own foray into the world of tech.

And now here I am, nearly two years later, grateful to be a part of his new vision and a diverse family he is once again cultivating.

During this time, I’ve witnessed firsthand the tremendous growth of the Atlanta tech scene, often at the cost of true inclusion and diversity amongst startup teams.

I remember distinctly that being a part of the TTS family and feeling that kind of support and camaraderie helped embolden me to pursue my own dream.

The day Activvely launched was easily one of the greatest, most surreal moments of my life. I, Stefanie Jewett, had a mobile app and it was in the Apple App Store for anyone to download and use.

It was empowering to know that I’d taken an idea and turned it into a reality. The feeling was at once, both exhilarating, and terrifying.

Maybe you work in the tech world and this is no major feat because it’s the norm, but launching my own startup was never even something I’d considered.

The truth is, I had spent the majority of my life dreaming of and then pursuing a career in journalism. A dream I achieved to a large degree, having had the privilege of spending five incredible years as a producer at CNN; working alongside some of the news world’s most elite journalists, covering breaking news, watching history unfold before my very eyes.

It was as exciting, chaotic, demanding and incredible as you’d imagine, but as it turns out, it wasn’t my dream. This was someone else’s dream, a dream held by thousands of other people, who’d come before me. This organization was the product of my colleagues, who had given so much of themselves to grow and create the behemoth brand.

And it was through their passion, that I discovered my own… on an unlikely path.

I want to make a direct impact, to help people connect with one another, and live their best lives. Studies show people who are socially active and engaged are generally happier, less likely to suffer from depression and are actually healthier. And it was through this knowledge, that my mission became clear. What I didn’t expect was a realization of a second purpose– an overwhelming call– to help people turn their visions into a reality, just as I did.

So, when Tyrannosaurus Tech mentioned they were looking for someone, it was a no-brainer. Work with a talented team of badass developers, startup veterans, and ridiculously fun people? Yes, please! But the most important factor for me was the chance to help others fulfill their dreams, whether through a booming, innovative business, a cutting edge mobile app or a beautiful website.

How could I resist?