The Road to Better and Cleaner Code

Right after finishing my Associate Degree in Computer Science at Georgia Perimeter College, I had decided it was time to start applying for a few positions in the tech field. Since I had a Bachelor Degree in Information Systems from Brazil, I thought it was going to be a piece of cake.

Unfortunately, I was mistaken. It is very hard to see doors closing when you thought you had everything figured out. I had a few interviews and the technical recruiter would ask me a few questions. I would answer properly and talk about projects I have worked on in the past, but when they would present me with a code challenge my reaction would be: ‘Oh God what is that?’ or  ‘What does that do?’ I was so used to seeing my own crap code that when I started to see those beautiful lines of code I would immediately feel like I was never going to be able to write anything like that in my life.

Aware that I was missing lots of skills, I decided to start a Coding Camp within GA Tech/Trilogy Education, but right before classes began I came across a job opportunity at Greater Sum Atlanta and the position was for Software Developer Apprenticeship. After I applied, they called me and said that for me to be able to continue with the application process I needed to read two books. They shared a link to the PDF file of the first book which was called Apprenticeship Patterns. This book is written for people who have had a taste of developing before and want to take it further, but need guidance.

After a few chapters I could really see how the book could be beneficial to me and anybody in the industry. This book was designed for people like me who are aspiring to achieve the same mastery that others possess. That was the beginning of my journey to not only write code, but

to write better and cleaner code. Yet, let’s not forget that for that to be applied we needed someone to guide us, to leverage our knowledge, and show us what we are capable of.

Later… when I found out about the opportunity within Tyrannosaurus Tech and heard from Carlos and Richard that I would come on as Front-End Apprentice Developer, I knew I couldn’t say no. After having met the Tyrannosaurus Tech Team, working closely with some bright minds like Jason and Jamie, and seeing things done in a professional way, I can only see positive outcomes ahead. I hope to learn a lot with my peers and to help them and my team be the best team we can be.

Tarciso Loiola

P.S. I couldn’t finish reading that book since I had classes starting up and life has kept me busy, but it is still on the top of my reading list!

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