The Journey from Engineering to Sales

I grew up in Bombay (aka Mumbai), the city of dreams and the land of Bollywood (also the most populous city in India with an estimated population of 12.4 million). It was a rat race like no other. Think “survival of the fittest.” So like most 16-year-olds, I only had two options that would make my parents proud – go into medicine or engineering. I liked biology but wasn’t invested enough to give up 10 years of my life studying and specializing. So, biomedical engineering seemed like an easy decision.

You would think 4 years of programming, applied math, electrical circuit analysis, human physiology and anatomy would have been enough to keep me busy. But no, I loved spending every extra minute on extracurricular activities. From being a publicity head for our student festival to organizing biomedical seminars and events, I did it all.

After graduating, I decided to put my engineering degree to use and joined a supply chain management company as an analyst. Then came the 2008 recession. Remember that? The US based company that my company worked for filed for bankruptcy. In short, shit had hit the fan. On the upside, this at least gave me some breathing room to think about what I truly wanted or rather what I didn’t want (i.e to be an analyst). Striking out on a very different path, I ended up jumping into a sales position with a small business. Since the company had zero revenue, I figured it couldn’t get any worse. I quickly learned how to run and grow a business. I had arrived…or so I thought.

I moved to Boston on January 25th, 2015 amidst blizzard warnings and heavy snow. Now that’s what you call arriving in style! I learned to enjoy the “wicked good” weather, drop my R’s (cah for car) and love Tom Brady (what’s with everyone hating on him). I got cracking on finding a job with a startup so I could further hone my entrepreneurship skills. I also read all the books I could find on startup sales – Hacking Sales by Max Altschuler and Predictable Revenue by Aaron ross were particularly inspiring. was a great resource to apply for startup jobs and soon enough, I landed a position to lead sales and marketing for a Harvard-incubated data science and AI startup. This position allowed me to work on some exciting projects helping fortune 500’s and startups gain value and deep insight from emerging technologies such as deep learning, AI, blockchain, and big data.

I moved to Atlanta in 2017 for my husband’s new job and it was love at first sight (ok maybe like 30th sight) but love it I do! I also found an awesome group of women in Atlanta who all work remotely but get together in solidarity at various coffee shops and coworking spaces around town. But in the end, there is nothing that can replace those work water cooler conversations, right?

After 2 years of remote work, I felt I just wasn’t able to experience everything this city has to offer. I needed to feel the pulse of the city. I recently participated in 48in48, an amazing initiative that brings digital professionals together to build websites for 48 non-profits in 48 hours. That event really inspired me to see the value and impact of digital transformation on a business.

I was also a part of the tech404 Atlanta slack and, that is where I met Richard from Tyrannosaurus Tech. He was looking to have someone join his team, and it seemed like a match made in heaven! Helping startups and enterprises in Atlanta with digital transformation and adopting best-in-class technology seemed like an amazing way to get reintroduced to this city I call home. I am excited to finally be able to put down some roots and give back to my community.  Sales is truly about strengthening your ties. What could be better than to get paid to network, to get to know people, to help them and to be a friend?

Signing off with this “Start Spreading the news: I’m leaving today (I left Boston 2 years ago but who’s counting?), I want to be a part of it – ATL ATL! These little town blues, are melting away. I’ll make a brand new start of it. In old Atlanta. If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere. It’s up to you, ATL!”

Tyrannosaurus Tech is recognized as a top App Design & Development Company on DesignRush.

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