How to Solve a Puzzle

My first encounter with technology was in my high school Comp Tia A+ certification course. I didn’t take it seriously. Ironically, I got an A in the class but never completed the free certification that came with it. I am still kicking myself for that one, although the course helped me realize I had an aptitude for technology. Everything that was explained to me made perfect sense. It felt like I was learning how to put together a puzzle of sata cables and memory card slots.

After going to college for two years, I applied for a position at Apple as an AppleCare Advisor. My (almost) A+ certified skills helped tremendously in the interview, and I was offered my first corporate job. I took in-bound phone calls and provided the callers with resolutions to their hardware or software issues. After about a year passed, I wanted to take the next step and move into a development role but I didn’t know how. I got another job, which was great despite the role not being in software development. The role was similar to my prior technical support role but in this role, I would travel to assist the clients in person with their issues, which I must admit was pretty cool at first.

After some time in that role, I enrolled in a part-time web development and design certification course. I learned all the basics of html, css, and javascript, plus we learned photoshop. The class was great for learning the bare bones basics, but I still struggled with building my own projects. After another year of searching for programs, I found the web development immersive program and it taught me so much. I learned html, css and javascript more in-depth but React.js, Ruby on Rails, Redux and so much more were layered on in a way that made me more proficient in my own projects. I felt like I knew what I was doing, which was a great feeling. I loved being able to create something and see it working on my laptop.

My love for technology led me to the Apprenticeship at Tyrannosaurus Tech, and I am elated! The hardest part about being a new software developer is getting working experience, and a place with a name as cool as Tyrannosaurus Tech will be on my resume now. I am learning and getting better everyday, the experience is worth its weight in gold.

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