Why Software Development?

Hi my name is Michael Moore and I’d like to share why I chose to be a software developer. First a little bit about myself. I’m married with three girls. I like reading books and working out. I’m also a big fan of Marvel movies and the whole super hero thing. So why software development?

Let’s first talk about how I got into software development. I went to ITT Technical Institute and was studying Computer Networking. During my time there I had a class where we learned pseudo programming. The class only went over the flow of programming. We didn’t use any specific language. Long story short my instructor told me that I was pretty good at it and that I should take a look into Android programming. I did and I’ve been interested in software since.

It’s been a long journey for me though. Coding off and on, exploring multiple languages and feeling that maybe I made the wrong decision. Even though I had thoughts of feeling incapable of being a software developer I persisted. I made a decision that this was the goal and there was no plan B. I read this book called The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday (definitely recommend) and it helped give me the mindset needed to become a better developer.

Now the What? What do software developers do? I don’t have much experience in this but I’d like to give my opinion on it. I think software developers are problem solvers. Not only that, they look at problems differently. A skill I learned being a software developer is taking a big problem and breaking it down into small steps to fix the problem. Sometimes the big picture can be paralyzing. I also feel they make our lives more convenient. We are in a digital age and that’s all due to software development.

So let me close by answering the question of this article. Why software development? I want to be into software development because I want to be a part of helping bring change that helps the world. I want to be a part of development like Uber, ebay, Google search, Alexa etc. These softwares have changed the way we live. And I know there are many ways to help bring change but I choose to do it through software development.