The only audit you’ll ever be excited about

IRS audits suck. Tyrannosaurus Tech audits don’t. From beta versions to legacy systems, we unearth problems in your code and offer actionable solutions.


Your company is growing–congrats! We'll help make sure your app deployment, hosting, and architecture are ready to grow as fast as your revenue.

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Picture of a brachiosaur.


Kiss hackers and app crashes goodbye. We'll run through your codebase with a fine-toothed comb to find security vulnerabilities and functional weak points.


Leave the overly verbose language to the poets. We'll ensure your code is well written, well organized, and performs as intended.

Picture of a Stegosaur.

Picture of a brachiosaur.


You shouldn't need a cryptographer to understand your code documentation. We'll help you get things cleaned up to prevent production bottlenecks and knowledge silos.

Test Coverage

You work too hard to have your whole app break due to one minor tweak. We'll work with you to ensure goof-proof test coverage that keeps your app on track.

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