An Evolution In Branding: The Story Behind Our New Look

New dinosaur, who this? You might have noticed that we recently launched a refreshed brand for Tyrannosaurus Tech. Why the change, you ask? Here’s the backstory behind our new digital footprint.

The Humble Beginnings

In the early days of Tyrannosaurus Tech, like any new business, our identity was still hatching. We often get asked how we came up with the name Tyrannosaurus Tech. Recognizing that technology can be intimidating, we wanted a wacky and memorable name to communicate our goal of making software design and development more approachable and—dare we say it—fun! The tech space was already saturated with buttoned-up brands that played it safe with predictable names and dense tech speak. As a quirky, young team who takes our work, but not ourselves, seriously, we landed on Tyrannosaurus Tech. The mental image of a T-Rex furiously typing away at a keyboard was just too fun to pass up, so hey, we went for it. My wife (girlfriend at the time!) made the original Tyrannosaurus Tech logo, and the rest is history.

We didn’t do a lot of formal marketing throughout our formative years, focusing instead on welcoming new clients and doing great work to establish our reputation. Our memorable name and human-approach to business gave us enough credibility to earn our clients’ trust without the fluff.

The Seismic Shift

Fast-forward to 2021, and we’re approaching our fifth anniversary. Wow, time flies! As we have evolved our business and grown, we’ve moved away from servicing a large spread of industries. These days, we feel lucky that we don’t have to “do it all” and can instead choose to take on work that is meaningful for our team. The team progressively honed in on our purpose over the years by identifying the types of projects that play to our strengths and get our adrenaline pumping in the best way. While refining our expertise, we also found ourselves yearning to share our values, mission, and big-picture vision for the company. 

Recognizing that we wanted to turn our vision into a new and cohesive visual system, we called in Matchstic, a Southern brand identity agency, to better align our brand with our values. We kept our outrageous name as the foundation for our evolution while their team helped shape various branding elements. The process was challenging but also fun and necessary for us to grow for our clients and our team. To stake our claim in the market, we knew we needed to better articulate our “niche” and share what we’re good at, what we care about, and why.

The experience and expertise we accrued over the years solidified that we thrive when acting as a long-term partner for organizations launching and scaling innovative digital products in public health, healthcare, and education. These sectors resonate with us because of the positive impact they have on our communities and the powerful role technology has to play. Together, the Tyrannosaurus Tech team is driven to be a force for good by making an impact through work we believe in.

The Results

You’re looking at them! This strategic step has instilled a rejuvenated ambition for the goals we set out to accomplish many years ago. Not only has our new look been practical for our marketing and digital presence, but it’s also helped propel our purpose forward internally. Having a clear direction for where we see ourselves in the future brings more meaning to the problems we’re solving today.

Even though we’re confidently strutting about the Internet with our new branding, rest assured that it’s the same big-hearted tech team behind the T-Rex. We are a group of innovative designers and developers who are passionate about demystifying the tech space and building digital products with a positive purpose. You can expect us to infuse our unconventional culture throughout the development process and have a really good time along the way. 

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