3 Common SaaS Sales Models
by: Richard Simms
How do I know what SaaS sales model is right for my digital product? There is a lot of pressure surrounding choosing the right SaaS sales model for your product because this decision may play a significant role in your […] Read More »
The Power of Data Visualization in Public Health
by: Richard Simms
Any expert analyst will confirm that data is just a bunch of numbers until you can use it to tell a story. Gathering and analyzing data is only half the battle; you must be able to distill information in a […] Read More »
The Rise of Wearable Devices in Health and Wellness
by: Carlos Gonzalez
What time is it? If you just looked down at your smartwatch, then you’re one of the millions of Americans who have contributed to the booming wearable technology industry. The demand for wearable tech is rapidly increasing as consumers become […] Read More »
3 Common SaaS Pricing Models Explained
by: Richard Simms
When working with clients who are preparing to launch a new product, one question always arises: How should we price this product? Well, developing a successful pricing strategy is a science. You can build a fantastic product, but you won’t […] Read More »
What is a Sprint? A Closer Look Into Our Iterative Method
by: Carlos Gonzalez
At Tyrannosaurus Tech, we follow an agile project management style that involves a tailored approach driven by your strategic business goals and your users’ specific needs and preferences. We discussed the tools, touchpoints, and tactics to accomplish this agile approach […] Read More »
Our Agile Approach to Project Management
by: Carlos Gonzalez
Your time is valuable, and hey, so is ours. At Tyrannosaurus Tech, we prioritize speed and communication over bulky processes. Instead of the traditional, waterfall-style approach to project management, we utilize agile methodologies to ensure that our team can move […] Read More »
Different Types of Minimum Viable Products
by: Richard Simms
Welcome back! Our last blog post discussed the minimum viable product mindset and how it can set you up for success at the beginning of your digital product development journey. If you haven’t checked it out, we recommend reading this […] Read More »
The Minimum Viable Product Mindset
by: Carlos Gonzalez
FAQ — What is an MVP? We’re not talking about your high school quarterback, folks. In our world, MVP stands for minimum viable product and it’s a critical step in the product development process. Identifying the optimal MVP for your […] Read More »
5 Common Third-Party Tools for SaaS Products
by: Carlos Gonzalez
As all aspects of our lives go increasingly digital, there has never been a better time to tap into the power of technology. No matter what industry you’re in, there’s a good chance that a web-based tool or SaaS product […] Read More »
How Much Will My Digital Product Cost?
by: Richard Simms
Repeat after me: There’s no such thing as a quick-quote-turnaround in the world of app development—and anyone who tells you otherwise is doing you a disservice.  If we were to simply give you a price and send you on your […] Read More »
An Evolution in Branding: The Story Behind Our New Look
by: Richard Simms
New dinosaur, who this? You might have noticed that we recently launched a refreshed brand for Tyrannosaurus Tech. Why the change, you ask? Here’s the backstory behind our new digital footprint. The Humble Beginnings In the early days of Tyrannosaurus […] Read More »
Global State Management with React Hooks and Context
by: J.B. Watson
If you are using React.js, you are probably familiar with Redux. Redux has been the go-to for global state management with javascript  projects. However, Redux introduces more complexities with actions, reducers and a store, requiring a lot of extra code […] Read More »

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