Joshua Hunt joins Tyrannosaurus Tech as Intern, Declines Opportunity as Jurassic Park Geneticist
by: Joshua Hunt
It honestly didn’t matter what the company did. It was dinosaur themed. That was all that was necessary to make me want to work there. Maybe it was a genetics laboratory, with a mission to create dinosaurs from chicken DNA. Or maybe it was a software development company. The possibilities were boundless, but I had […]Read More
Maximillian Naza, Singularly Great Intern, Joins Tyrannosaurus Tech Team
by: Maximillian Naza
Hello. It is I. The great; the one and only Maximillian. On a more serious note, my name is Maximillian Naza, and I am currently a Computer Science major at Georgia State University. Growing up, I always loved messing around with computers and figured it would be nice if I could make a career out […]Read More
Rex Petersen Unironically Hired as Junior Developer at Tyrannosaurus Tech
by: Rex Petersen
Rex Petersen here. I’m a recent graduate in Computer Science from Georgia State University and am excited to have joined the Tyrannosaurus Tech team. In addition to being a software developer, I now serve as the resident office goth at TTech. I like software, coffee, and hardcore punk rock, and not necessarily in that order. […]Read More
Ferocious Front-End Dev, Jamie Smith, Joins Tyrannosaurus Tech
by: T. Rex
It started with a tornado. Or at least that’s the most fun way to tell people why I moved to Atlanta from Chicago in November of 2016. But that’s a story for a different time. I can honestly say that Tyrannosaurus Tech is the company I’ve been looking for since I began my career in […]Read More
Confessions of an ATL Startup in Silicon Valley: Cooleaf challenges local founders to swing for the fences
by: Stefanie Jewett
        If 2016 was any indication of what the New Year has in store for Cooleaf, we know it’s going to be monumental. The Atlanta-based startup closed a $500,000 funding round, was one of nine winners who beat out nearly 200 other startups at the Citi Smarter Worklife Challenge and was accepted into prestigious Silicon […]Read More
Stefanie Jewett roars as Tyrannosaurus Tech’s new Marketing Coordinator
by: Stefanie Jewett
Joining Tyrannosaurus Tech is one of those rare full circle moments you get in life. After all, it was at co-founder Richards Simms’ previous company, Tech Talent South, that I began my own foray into the world of tech. And now here I am, nearly two years later, grateful to be a part of his […]Read More
How To Get Started With Your Startup
by: Richard Simms
“Hey, I’ve got this killer idea…promise not to tell anyone? Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an app that did this? Or a website that did that?” Sound familiar? Whether it was your big idea or a friend letting you in on how they were going to make their millions, we’ve all been there. […]Read More
The Best Developer You Never Had
by: Richard Simms
So, you’re looking for a hotshot developer to take your tech team to the next level? Well, it sounds like your business is growing and that is AWESOME. Congrats! But before you embark on the long and challenging journey of finding and on-boarding someone who has just the right skill set and is the perfect […]Read More
Insights From a Software Development Agency: 6 Tips for Technical Interviews
by: Richard Simms
A t Tyrannosaurus Tech, we’re often asked what exactly we’re looking for when we’re hiring a developer. Particularly junior level folks are wondering what it takes to rise above the rest, prove their worth, and survive the dreaded technical interview. Digging into this blog post, we’ve set out to answer some of those questions and […]Read More
Jony Ive Is A Better Industrial Designer Than You
by: Jason Bishop
A n acquaintance of mine recently lamented on Facebook the impending loss of the Macbook’s physical escape button. He is a software developer and for him, the loss of the escape key translates to difficulty toggling input modes when using Vim. His complaint is a real one. Industrial designers alienate existing users – who are […]Read More

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