How Much Will My Digital Product Cost?
by: Richard Simms
Repeat after me: There’s no such thing as a quick-quote-turnaround in the world of app development—and anyone who tells you otherwise is doing you a disservice.  If we were to simply give you a price and send you on your […] Read More »
An Evolution in Branding: The Story Behind Our New Look
by: Richard Simms
New dinosaur, who this? You might have noticed that we recently launched a refreshed brand for Tyrannosaurus Tech. Why the change, you ask? Here’s the backstory behind our new digital footprint. The Humble Beginnings In the early days of Tyrannosaurus […] Read More »
Global State Management with React Hooks and Context
by: J.B. Watson
If you are using React.js, you are probably familiar with Redux. Redux has been the go-to for global state management with javascript  projects. However, Redux introduces more complexities with actions, reducers and a store, requiring a lot of extra code […] Read More »
Improving the Accessibility of a React Form
by: Michael Moore
I’ve recently been a part of a project in which I’m helping to fix some accessibility issues for an established SaaS product. But this isn’t the first time I’ve encountered accessibility ( I will refer to accessibility to a11y for […] Read More »
React Native and Flutter: Building A List
by: Michael Moore
  I’ve recently started doing research into the Flutter framework to learn mobile development. To give you a little background about myself, I’m a React Native developer for Tyrannosaurus Tech. I’m also a self taught developer with three kids and […] Read More »
Active Food Safety + Purell Spring into Action with EmergiProtect COVID-19 Updates
by: Richard Simms
As the pandemic coronavirus crisis unfolds, Active Food Safety has moved quickly to update EmergiProtect, its flagship food safety mobile application used by restaurant owners and managers. As we all know, the food service industry has been hit hard recently. […] Read More »
One Disrupting Summer: How a Failed Startup Led Rob Townsend to TTech
by: Rob Townsend
The semester after I transferred from a local community college into Georgia Tech, I decided to spend my first summer there taking it easy: I’d knock out a couple classes, and in my down time I’d build a startup with […] Read More »
Goodfirms Interviews Tyrannosaurus Tech CEO and Co-Founder Richard Simms
by: Richard Simms
In this interview, Tyrannosaurus Tech CEO and Cofounder, Richard Simms, speaks with Goodfirms and shares insight into his role at the company and  why he and Carlos Gonzalez started Tyrannosaurus Tech, which acts as a technology partner for companies looking […] Read More »
Coding and Creativity
by: JB Watson
If you told me before I started coding that it was a creative process, I would have thought you were crazy. I always imagined coding as computational, mathematical and probably boring.  I spent the last 8 years working as an […] Read More »
Why Software Development?
by: Michael Moore
Hi my name is Michael Moore and I’d like to share why I chose to be a software developer. First a little bit about myself. I’m married with three girls. I like reading books and working out. I’m also a […] Read More »
How Improv Taught Me to Learn & Fail Faster
by: Brandy Reaves
A couple of years ago, I enrolled in an improv class to think better on my feet and to maybe grow a funny bone or two.   Actors can do it. Why couldn’t I? Spoiler: You won’t see me on stage […] Read More »
5 Essential Mobile Health Apps
by: Jyotsna Khan
Staying healthy. One of the most daunting tasks man has faced. We get it, in this fast paced work environment, staying healthy can be tough. It almost seems that everything you’re doing now is the exact opposite of what you […] Read More »

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