Goodfirms Interviews Tyrannosaurus Tech Ceo And Co-Founder Richard Simms

In this interview, Tyrannosaurus Tech CEO and Cofounder, Richard Simms, speaks with Goodfirms and shares insight into his role at the company and  why he and Carlos Gonzalez started Tyrannosaurus Tech, which acts as a technology partner for companies looking to launch new and innovative web and mobile applications. Tyrannosaurus Tech has a team of highly skilled developers and designers, providing both the strategic expertise and the technical skills needed to bring new SaaS products to market successfully.

Richard also shares more about the company, our goals and vision, and getting started with app development. He answers some of the burning questions that founders or enterprise clients might typically have, like the parameters critical in determining the time frame of developing a mobile app, choosing the right platform for your app, iOS vs Android and more.

Tyrannosaurus Tech is proud to be one of the top design and software development companies in Atlanta, helping entrepreneurs and executives build great products, mentoring early stage founders and sharing valuable expertise on various topics that are crucial to a product’s long term success.

To read about Richard’s take on all things development check out the full Interview here.