How Strength Training Improves Quality of Life as We Age with Eric Levitan of Vivo

EPISODE 06 Jun 9 2021 40 min 51 sec

How Strength Training Improves Quality of Life as We Age with Eric Levitan of Vivo

Jun 9 2021 40 min 51 sec
Episode Summary

We all know that exercise is a vital part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, most people still have the misconception that strength training is reserved for young folks looking to bulk up their muscles. 

According to Eric Levitan, the CEO and Founder of Vivo, strength training can be an entirely safe and highly beneficial activity for older adults, as well. In fact, for older adults in particular, loss of muscle mass is a natural part of aging and has far reaching health and lifestyle implications. Regular strength training can prevent muscle loss which in turn lowers the risk of falls, increases mobility, and more. Strength training can also improve a person's cholesterol levels and bone health, promoting weight loss. Vivo's strength training program for older adults also offers a strong sense of community and achievement, important contributors to mental health.

Eric explains that some older adults are hesitant to embrace this kind of activity because of potential injuries or misconceptions about what kind of exercise is appropriate for their age. In this new episode of the Digital Footprint, Eric Levitan talks to Richard Simms and explains how Vivo helps people overcome these fears and build habits for a healthier lifestyle as they age.


💡 Name: Eric Levitan

💡 What he does: Eric is the Founder and CEO of Vivo

💡 Company: Vivo

💡 Noteworthy: Apart from being a successful entrepreneur in B2B and B2C environments, Eric is a passionate music lover.

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Jun 9 2021
Eric Levitan