Mixing Music and Math with Marcus Blackwell of Make Music Count

EPISODE 13 Jan 25 2022 41 min 52 sec

Mixing Music and Math with Marcus Blackwell of Make Music Count

Jan 25 2022 41 min 52 sec
Episode Summary

Let's face it. Many of us grew up with the perspective that math was intimidating, hard, or "just not our thing." For those of us that felt this way early in childhood, those feelings were hard to shake. Math wasn't very approachable and it certainly wasn't "fun."

In this episode of The Digital Footprint, we speak with Marcus Blackwell, Founder and CEO of Make Music Count. Marcus and his team are on a mission to make math fun and approachable by mixing pop and hip hop music into engaging math lessons. By injecting this innovative approach into more traditional math curriculum, Make Music Count looks to help all students reach their full potential. With Make Music Count, for many students, math can go from a dreaded obligation to a fun and interactive learning experience.

We speak with Marcus about the challenges of innovating in education, his growing partnerships in the music industry, and the ongoing challenges students face in the classroom.


💡 Name: Marcus Blackwell

💡 What he does: He's the Founder & CEO of Make Music Count.

💡 Company: Make Music Count

💡 Noteworthy: Marcus is passionate about helping students overcome their biggest obstacles, one of them being math. He wants to eliminate math phobia and help kids find their true potential.

💡 Where to find Marcus: LinkedIn

Jan 25 2022
Marcus Blackwell