Reimagining How We Support Grievers with Scott Arogeti of Mi Alma

EPISODE 22 Mar 27 2023 52 min 44 sec

Reimagining How We Support Grievers with Scott Arogeti of Mi Alma

Mar 27 2023 52 min 44 sec
Episode Summary

Grief is universal. Everyone loses a friend or loved one at some point in life... likely multiple times. When someone passes, friends and family rally around the grievers, eager to support them in their time of need. While the initial rush of support typically passes quickly, the grief carries on. So, how can we better support grievers and honor the memories of those lost?

In this episode, we sit down with Scott Arogeti of Mi Alma. Scott and his team are on a mission to reimagine how we remember those who have passed. Their platform offers a new type of collective support for those experiencing a loss.

Mi Alma acts as a digital place to share memories, centralize support efforts, and improve ongoing communications. A Mi Alma page gives grievers a place to revisit fond memories of those they lost and supporters a clear way to help.

Tune in to hear more about the impact Scott hopes to make with Mi Alma, his perspective on the ever-shifting startup landscape, and more.


💡 Name: Scott Arogeti

💡 What he does: Scott is the co-founder & CEO of Mi Alma.

💡 Company: Mi Alma

💡 Noteworthy: Along with his wife Jordan, Scott built Mi Alma, a digital platform that connects grievers and supporters during the tough times of losing a loved one. On this platform, they can not only share memories of the deceased but also build a community that enables supporters to provide adequate help to grievers during the time of loss and beyond.

💡 Where to find Scott: LinkedIn


Mar 28 2023
Scott Arogeti