Transforming Mental Health Care with Dr. Nick Allen of Ksana Health

EPISODE 08 Jul 26 2021 44 min 17 sec

Transforming Mental Health Care with Dr. Nick Allen of Ksana Health

Jul 26 2021 44 min 17 sec
Episode Summary

Mental health plays a major role in our quality of life, relationships, personal and professional success, and more. Unfortunately, mental health is also something a large percentage of our population struggles with day by day.

In this episode of The Digital Footprint, we sit down with Dr. Nick Allen, Founder and CEO of Ksana Health. Ksana Health is on a mission to transform mental health care through objective measurements and personalized prevention. Utilizing mobile technology, Dr. Allen and his team are looking to move beyond the traditionally subjective "How have you been feeling?" approach to mental health care by gathering objective data on patient behavior.

Ksana Health's digital products, EARS and Vira, leverage remote sensing, objective data capture, centralized dashboards, and AI driven insights to bring new tools and insights into mental health care.

Dr. Allen talks about his experience in academia and research and how it compares to leading a startup. He also shares advice and lessons he's learned along the way.


💡 Name: Dr. Nick Allen

💡 What he does: Dr. Nick Allen is co-founder and CEO of Ksana Health

💡 Company/Project: Ksana Health

💡 Noteworthy: Dr. Nick Allen is a professor at the University of Oregon in clinical psychology and director of clinical training. He's been working primarily in the area of mental health of young people.

💡 Where to find Nick: LinkedIn

Jul 26 2021
Dr. Nick Allen