The Best Developer You Never Had

So, you’re looking for a hotshot developer to take your tech team to the next level? Well, it sounds like your business is growing and that is AWESOME. Congrats! But before you embark on the long and challenging journey of finding and on-boarding someone who has just the right skill set and is the perfect cultural fit, consider your options. Hey, every business loves the feeling of growing the team and, we totally get that. But particularly when it comes to software developers, companies can often get a better return on investment (ROI), enlist senior level talent, and accomplish their technical goals more quickly by partnering with an agency like Tyrannosaurus Tech. Not convinced?

Check out our whitepaper entitled The Best Developer You Never Had, Hiring vs. Using an Agency: A Comparative Cost Analysis. We’ve done in-depth industry research, crunched the numbers, and summarized our findings nicely in an easy-to-digest 5 pages. Is making a full-time hire the right move for your business right now? Don’t just take our word for it…dig in and decide for yourself.

We’ve got amazing technical talent available here at Tyrannosaurus Tech. They are proven, experienced, efficient, and professional. Best of all, they are ready now and champing at the bit to get to work accomplishing your goals.