Mobile Veterinary Specialists



Our team of consultants, designers, and developers worked closely with the MOVES team to redesign and rebuild their underlying technology platform. Each day, MOVES relies on this web application to coordinate life-saving care and treatment between their team of mobile veterinary specialists and clinics around the country.

Consulting & Strategy
UX & UI Design
Web App Development
Ongoing Product Support & Improvements


Mobile Veterinary Specialists (MOVES) is a fast-growing and innovative company in the veterinary specialty practice industry. Essentially, they offer concierge care in veterinary clinics around the country. MOVES hires, equips, and promotes the services of board-certified mobile specialists in surgery, internal medicine, and cardiology. 

The MOVES team and technology allows veterinary practices to provide better care and open up additional revenue streams by accessing their team of highly-skilled mobile specialists. 



Thousands of clinics rely on MOVES to bring specialized care to their patients.



With specialists in over 20 cities around the country, MOVES is rapidly expanding its impact.


Appointments Per Month

MOVES’ technology is set up to scale, seamlessly managing thousands of appointments per month.


Years of Experience

With extensive experience in the veterinary industry, MOVES leadership understands how to help clinics grow and succeed.

The Complexity of Custom Scheduling

The ability to efficiently manage complex scheduling and logistics is an important part of the value that the MOVES team brings each day. For MOVES to support their growing team of specialists, it became clear that their application needed to incorporate more advanced custom scheduling functionality. 

Implementing advanced custom scheduling systems can be a very complex undertaking, especially when it comes to repeating calendar event algorithms and accommodating for different time zones. After extensive research, requirements gathering, and design work, our team executed on a custom implementation following Martin Fowler’s repeating calendar event algorithms.

Building off of an Existing System

When we began our work, MOVES already had an existing system in place that, regardless of its shortcomings, their team was accustomed to using. This presented both advantages and challenges. On one hand, aspects of the old system worked well and could offer guidance on requirements for the new system. On the other hand, we needed to carefully thread the needle of incorporating new functionality and improving the system on the whole without completely upending how their team historically worked within the system.

In addition, the new scheduling functionality we created needed to seamlessly pull in data from the old system so as to minimize disruption across their business at launch of the new system. 

In short, a simple MVP launch was not an option for this project. Given MOVES scale and ongoing growth, our team had to build a robust application while considering current usage of the old system and a seamless transition between the two.

Making a Difference

We’re animal lovers here at Tyrannosaurus Tech so being able to support the MOVES mission meant a lot to the team. MOVES helps veterinary practices grow and succeed by providing specialized care to pets of all shapes and sizes. What’s not to love about that?

MOVES is on a mission to breathe new life into the veterinary specialist vocation as a guide to positive outcomes for patients, practices, and people. MOVES demonstrates their commitment to quality of life through balanced boundaries, kind consideration, and trustworthy independence.

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