The Ron Clark Academy



Our team of consultants, designers, and developers worked with The Ron Clark Academy to create a web application and mobile application that allows schools around the world to adopt and administer their own house system, driving a positive and fun school culture.

Consulting & Strategy
UX & UI Design
Web App Development
Mobile App Development
Ongoing Product Support & Improvements



When we started working with RCA in 2019, they were only administering their House System internally. The RCA House System is now used in 350+ schools in over 10 countries around the world.



Students, parents, and educators around the world rely on the ease of use and effectiveness of the platform daily to drive engagement and culture.

5 ★

Client Satisfaction

Success isn’t just about creating a product that works. It’s about building a partnership based on trust and a shared vision for the product.


Mobile Downloads

A great app only gets you so far. Adoption and engagement is paramount, which is why our team supports clients from deployment to download and beyond.

Rewarding Communities

Schools around the world look to The Ron Clark Academy for professional development and thought leadership in education. RCA came to us with a desire to make their House System, a driving force in their powerful and positive culture, accessible and easily adopted by other schools. Together, we transformed their internal tools and expertise into a scalable and impactful SaaS platform.

The initial product launch was just the beginning. Through iterative user testing and research, we’ve continued to expand and enhance the platform’s functionality, driving further adoption and engagement.

Most recently, we implemented a rewards system that allows students to redeem points for school swag, more creative items – like a “free pass to dress like a dinosaur all week,” and more.

Modern Magic

Whether you’re visiting campus for a teacher training or a tour, the Ron Clark Academy is a magical place. Slides, dragons, artwork, music, dancing, and school spirit fill the space. Our team was tasked with the unique challenge of capturing that magic and transforming it into a digital experience.

So how did we do it? Our designers created roaring animations (including a fire breathing dragon, a striking cobra, and a howling wolf), swaying lanterns and house banners, and more to craft a “magic castle” styler user experience that is both fun and intuitive.

Success That Scales

In our initial conversations with the Ron Clark Academy, it was clear that there was pent up demand from schools looking to implement their own House System. Going from launching a new product to supporting tens of thousands of users within a few months requires both pre-launch foresight and post-launch agility.

With users of varying tech savviness accessing the apps on a variety of devices and systems, edge cases surface, issues pop up, and quick action must be taken. Working closely with the RCA team, we established a strict system for tracking, prioritizing, and addressing reported issues in order to rapidly stabilize and improve all aspects of the platform.

By leveraging various Amazon Web Services, the infrastructure supporting the apps was able to auto-scale rapidly to support exponential growth in the number of users.

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