Fountain Life



Our team of consultants, designers, and developers worked with Fountain Life to create an innovative mobile app centered around the concept of biological age and offering users a path to increase their wellness and longevity.

Consulting & Strategy
UX & UI Design
Mobile App Development
Wearable Device Integration
Quality Assurance

Wearables Integrations

The recent revolution in smart wearable devices has opened the door for incredible innovation in healthcare.

For this project, our team built several integrations that allowed the Fountain Life app to pull in an array of biometric data such as pulse, sleep quality, blood pressure, and more.

Between Apple HealthKit and Google Fit, we were able to pull in data from Apple Watch & iPhone, Fitbit, Oura Ring, and more.

“The technical competency of their developers impresses us. They had to get up to speed on many different attributes of the unique nature of the type of clinical data we required.”

Jeff Emery, VP of Operations, Fountain Life

Data Visuzalization

The Fountain Life app acts as a daily client engagement and wellness tool. Our role was not only to securely collect biometric data but also to present and visualize that data in a way that was intuitive, engaging, and actionable.

Our team leveraged user experience (UX) best practices and methodologies and a number of data visualization styles to ensure users could easily derive meaning and inspiration from the app.

Data Protection & Compliance

When handling sensitive medical data, security and compliance adherence, specifically HIPAA, are paramount.

By leveraging HIPAA compliant cloud services, encrypting data at rest, strictly administering data access rights, and more our team was able to build a secure, stable, and performant application.


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