Creating Inclusive Co-Founder Teams with James Oliver, Jr. of Kabila

EPISODE 20 Dec 29 2022 37 min 53 sec

Creating Inclusive Co-Founder Teams with James Oliver, Jr. of Kabila

Dec 29 2022 37 min 53 sec
Episode Summary

Did you know that since 2005, 80% of all startups that reached "unicorn" status were started by more than one founder? Or that founding teams with more than one race, gender, or ethnicity on average give their investors a 30% better return? It's true, but 70% of founders surveyed say they struggle to find a co-founder.

Stats like these are what drove our guest, James Oliver, Jr., to start Kabila, an inclusive co-founder matching app. Kabila also provides minority founders with access to incredible resources including mental health therapy, discounted or free legal services, discounts on various SaaS platforms, and more. With Kabila, founders have an opportunity to build an inclusive team and thrive via Kabila's supportive ecosystem.

In this episode, James shares his vision for Kabila, talks about his recent experience of going through Techstars, and explains his "give first" mentality that drives him each day. 


💡 Name: James Oliver, Jr.

💡 What he does: James is the CEO & co-founder of Kabila

💡 Company: Kabila

💡 Noteworthy: James is obsessed with inclusion and has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. James runs several different organizations, and his focus is on supporting entrepreneurs, especially founders of color and parent founders. First, he founded WeMontage, the world's only website that lets you turn digital images into removable photo wallpaper. Then, during COVID, James started the ParentPreneur Foundation, which empowers Black parents to leave a legacy for their children. And finally, he recently started Kabila, an inclusive co-founder matching app and global community for tech startup founders.

In addition, James is the author of The More You Hustle, The Luckier You Get: You CAN Be a Successful ParentPreneur and a single dad of twins.

💡 Where to find James: Linkedin l Website

Dec 30 2022
James Oliver, Jr.