Reinventing Education with Chris Turner of Moonrise

EPISODE 21 Mar 1 2023 45 min 22 sec

Reinventing Education with Chris Turner of Moonrise

Mar 1 2023 45 min 22 sec
Episode Summary

Did you know that homeschooling is the fastest growing education alternative in the U.S.? In fact, with school unsatisfied families on the rise, the number of homeschooled kids is going up by 10% each year. 

As a parent with two kids being homeschooled, Chris Turner started Moonrise in 2018 with a vision for reinventing education. Through Moonrise, Chris sought to push back on the misconception that kids learn best by having a set curriculum simply dumped into their heads and instead reframe learning as an active process that requires human creativity.

Moonrise offers a beautiful  space where kids can explore, take on real-world projects, be a part of a community, and learn from qualified and specialized learning guides. Initially created as a place for child enrichment and supplemental learning, Moonrise is now shifting to cater more specifically to the homeschooling market.

In this episode, Chris shares more about his journey as an entrepreneur, biggest lessons learned so far with Moonrise, and what he sees as the future of education. 


💡 Name: Chris Turner

💡 What he does: Chris is the Founder and CEO of Moonrise.

💡 Company: Moonrise

💡 Noteworthy: Chris Turner is a tech and education entrepreneur who founded Moonrise as a co-learning space for kids in Decatur, Georgia. The mission at Moonrise is to build a world for kids. They offer a space where students can build things, follow their interests, and learn together. Friendly on-site guides support kids and motivate them to push their limits. Before Moonrise, Chris was the founder of Tenrocket, a company that helped entrepreneurs launch new apps in 10 days for $10K.

💡 Where to find Chris: LinkedIn l Website

Mar 2 2023
Chris Turner