Dismantling the Growth vs. Impact Mindset with Mark Hubbard of Renew Ventures

EPISODE 19 Dec 9 2022 47 min 49 sec

Dismantling the Growth vs. Impact Mindset with Mark Hubbard of Renew Ventures

Dec 9 2022 47 min 49 sec
Episode Summary

When we think of venture capital, let's be honest, we think about the #1 goal being to make money. That's all well and good, but why don't we just as readily think of venture capital amplifying positive impact? The unfortunate reality is that many people view these two things as at odds with each other. You can either focus on making a lot of money or making a positive impact in the world. What can't it be both? 

In this episode, we sit down with Mark Hubbard, Managing Partner at Renew Capital. Mark and his team are on a mission to dismantle the "growth vs. impact" mindset and remove barriers to capital for bold, diverse founders looking to generate impact at scale. By leading with empathy, Renew Capital is committed to investing in women and historically excluded founders solving some of  society's biggest challenges.

Tune in to hear Mark's perspective on how the startup and investment landscape is changing, his advice for founders, and more.


💡 Name: Mark Hubbard

💡 What he does: He's the managing partner of Renew Venture Capital.

💡 Company: Renew Venture Capital

💡 Noteworthy: Mark has either founded, invested in, or mentored thousands of enterprises — from startups to global corporations — in his almost 30 years in venture capital, global private equity, and institutional asset management. He has directed billions of dollars of capital, launched one of China's most successful asset management JVs, founded a global private equity firm, and built innovation centers for cities and states.

💡 Where to find Mark: LinkedIn

Dec 12 2022
Mark Hubbard