Fostering Community and Startup Success with Jacey Cadet of Atlanta Ventures

EPISODE 18 Oct 5 2022 45 min 56 sec

Fostering Community and Startup Success with Jacey Cadet of Atlanta Ventures

Oct 5 2022 45 min 56 sec
Episode Summary

In recent years, Atlanta has increasingly gained national recognition for its growing startup scene and vibrant tech community. A dense mix of Fortune 500 companies, excellent colleges and universities, a relatively low cost of living, and more have created a perfect recipe for innovation. 

Always at the heart of the hustle and bustle is Jacey Cadet, VP of Marketing and Community at Atlanta Ventures, a venture capital firm with a mission to serve entrepreneurs. With a portfolio packed with success stories such as Calendly, Salesloft, Terminus and more, Atlanta Ventures clearly knows a thing or two about navigating the myriad challenges that founders face.

Jacey has built her career around creating community, empowering entrepreneurs, and helping new businesses get off the ground. Let's just say Jacey stays busy; she also serves as President of the Board for Community Bucket and runs Pitch Practice weekly at Atlanta Tech Village.

In this episode, we speak with Jacey about how the Atlanta startup community has changed since COVID, what she sees as the key ingredients for startup success, and more. 


💡 Name: Jacey Cadet

💡 What she does: Jacey is the VP of marketing and community at Atlanta Ventures

💡 Company: Atlanta Ventures

💡 Noteworthy: Jacey is an extreme extrovert with a passion for people, skilled in high-level strategy and operational minutia. As a self-starter who thinks outside the box, she is organized, outgoing, and reliable. In addition, Jacey is an experienced designer and marketer with expertise in brand strategy, employee engagement, and development across all media. Jacey is also president of the board of directors at Community Bucket and leads Pitch Practice at ATV.

💡 Where to find Jacey: LinkedIn |  Website

Oct 5 2022
Jacey Cadet