Improving Health through Nature Exposure with Jared Hanley of NatureQuant

EPISODE 10 Sep 20 2021 37 min 33 sec

Improving Health through Nature Exposure with Jared Hanley of NatureQuant

Sep 20 2021 37 min 33 sec
Episode Summary

We all know that  getting out in the sunshine can boost our mood when we're feeling down, but it turns out that exposure to nature is more broadly impactful and beneficial than we previously understood. The science to back this up is mounting and indisputable. Nature exposure provides profound mental and physical health improvements. Access to nature, however, is not equitably distributed throughout our communities.

In this episode of The Digital Footprint, we sit down with Jared Hanley,  Founder and CEO of NatureQuant. NatureQuant focuses on delivering technology to assess and promote nature exposure.

By synthesizing multiple nature quantification data-sources through a machine-learning process, Jared and his team are able to deliver a “NatureScore” that helps qualify and quantify the natural elements for a given location. With their NatureDose mobile application, NatureQuant also offers a personalized nature prescription tracker that helps users optimize the benefits of time outdoors.

Join us as Jared shares more about the far reaching impacts of exposure to nature and the challenges that stem from inequitable access to nature throughout the U.S. Jared also shares the challenges and wins he and his team have experienced as they've grown their vision and impact with NatureQuant.


💡 Name: Jared Hanley

💡 What he does: Jared is the CEO and Founder of NatureQuant

💡 Company: NatureQuant

💡 Noteworthy: Although he has a rich background in financial services and data science, the the great outdoors has always been one of Jared's true passions. That analytical background has helped Jared craft a vision for quantifying nature exposure, making it easier to measure and promote more equitably. 

💡 Where to find Jared: LinkedIn

Sep 20 2021
Jared Hanley