Powering Public Health with Data Management with TJ Muehleman of Standard Co

EPISODE 11 Oct 28 2021 47 min 32 sec

Powering Public Health with Data Management with TJ Muehleman of Standard Co

Oct 28 2021 47 min 32 sec
Episode Summary

Giving global public health organizations the tools they need to succeed is more important now than ever. But efficiently collecting and managing data across teams, initiatives, and continents is no easy feat. Many public health organizations struggle with how to properly organize, format, and analyze their extensive data sets in a way that drives action and impact. 

In this episode of The Digital Footprint, we sit down with TJ Muehleman, Founder and CEO of Standard Co. With their Standard Data toolkit, TJ and his team have created a powerful platform that simplifies data management in public health, empowering organizations with technology so they can do more and help more people.  

We talk with TJ about Standard Co's transition from services to product and the ups and downs along the way. A tech and startup veteran, TJ shares advice on how to be in it for the long haul and define your own path to success.


💡 Name: TJ Muehleman

💡 What he does: TJ is the CEO and Founder at Standard Co, a company focused on helping public health organizations better utilize data to make better decisions and broaden their impact.

💡 Company: Standard Co

💡 Noteworthy: TJ and his team also built the COVID Mapping Project, a tool that curates and provides analysis of a broad range of state and local COVID data sources across the U.S.

💡 Where to find TJ: LinkedIn

Oct 28 2021
TJ Muehleman