Pioneering Solutions to End Homelessness with Morgan Lopes of New Story Charty

EPISODE 12 Jan 6 2022 46 min 15 sec

Pioneering Solutions to End Homelessness with Morgan Lopes of New Story Charty

Jan 6 2022 46 min 15 sec
Episode Summary

Everyone deserves a safe place to call home, but around the world, up to 1 billion people struggle with homelessness. For those affected, this struggle cascades into problems in virtually all aspects of daily life. Without a safe home, kids don't have a place to do their homework, families don't have reliable access to clean water, and parents struggle to get on a stable financial footing. 

In this episode of The Digital Footprint, we're joined by Morgan Lopes, CTO of New Story Charity. New Story is on a mission to end global homelessness, starting with a goal of housing 1 million people in Latin America by 2030.  By leveraging innovative approaches and technology, New Story is creating a system and mindset that opens up potential for real transformational impact.

We talk with Morgan about New Story's mission, his perspective on innovating in the non-profit space, and lessons he's learned in entrepreneurship along the way.


💡 Name: Morgan Lopes

💡 What he does: Morgan is the CTO of New Story Charity, a non-profit focused on pioneering solutions to end global homelessness. 

💡 Company: New Story Charity

💡 Noteworthy: Although he spends most of his time focused on his mission with New Story Charity, Morgan is also one of the authors of Code School Book, a book that helps more people transition into careers in tech.

💡 Where to find Morgan: LinkedIn

Jan 7 2022
Morgan Lopes