Join the Fight for a Healthier Planet with Ed Thomas of 412 Technology

EPISODE 05 Apr 22 2021 47 min 57 sec

Join the Fight for a Healthier Planet with Ed Thomas of 412 Technology

Apr 22 2021 47 min 57 sec
Episode Summary

In this episode of The Digital Footprint, Ed Thomas of 412 Technology, joins us to talk about his journey developing Arbor, a  marketplace where consumers can discover and back inspiring carbon removal projects around the world. The Arbor mobile app makes it easy for each of us to do our part in the fight against climate change. 

Ed shares his insights on app development, green technology, and his scrappy approach to launching a startup. He also announces Arbor's upcoming public launch and calls on our communities to join the fight for a healthier planet.


💡 Name: Ed Thomas

💡 What he does: Ed is a co-founder and CEO of 412 Technology which has developed a mobile app, Hazel, that empowers consumers to help reverse climate change.

💡 Company/Project: Hazel is a marketplace for consumers to find out and back specific carbon removal projects. 

💡 Noteworthy: "What we've seen is that there's a ton of great work that's focused on directly removing carbon from the atmosphere. That carbon is what's causing the climate crisis that we see right now."

💡 Where to find Ed: LinkedIn, 412 Technology

Apr 22 2021
Ed Thomas