Leveraging Data to Create a More Equitable Future with Matt Cox of Greenlink Analytics

EPISODE 04 Mar 19 2021 43 min 58 sec

Leveraging Data to Create a More Equitable Future with Matt Cox of Greenlink Analytics

Mar 19 2021 43 min 58 sec
Episode Summary

Clean energy and equity issues are among the most pressing challenges faced by our society. These issues are complex and are often intertwined in ways that are difficult to illustrate and understand. How do we get everyone around the table  looking at the same data in an intuitive format that drives positive change?

In this episode of the Digital Footprint podcast, Richard Simms talks with Matt Cox, the CEO of Greenlink Analytics. Matt sheds light on his team's data driven approach to understanding and addressing these challenges across our communities and country.

Matt also shared his journey in launching the Greenlink Equity Map (GEM), a SaaS product that provides users with powerful and dynamic data map-based visualizations related to various equity indicators. He speaks about the challenges along the way and what he and his team have learned as they transition to offering not just consulting services but also their own digital product.

Tune in to hear more about how this software tool is helping communities and nonprofits drive positive change.


💡 Name: Matt Cox

💡 What he does: Matt is the CEO of Greenlink Analytics.

💡 Company/Project: Greenlink Analytics / Greenlink Equity Map (GEM).  Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and the official Greenlink Analytics LinkedIn profile to find out more about the company's social outreach.

💡 Noteworthy: Matt and Greenlink Analytics focus on helping people understand and address some of the most pressing challenges facing American society. Through powerful data visualization and expert insights, they help cities, states, and NGOs hone in on data-backed strategies to drive positive change in our communities.

💡 Where to find Matt: LinkedIn.

Mar 19 2021
Matt Cox