The Joy of Creating Possibilities with Brent Macon of Daymaker

EPISODE 17 Aug 10 2022 41 min 30 sec

The Joy of Creating Possibilities with Brent Macon of Daymaker

Aug 10 2022 41 min 30 sec
Episode Summary

When we think about giving back, it is hard to imagine a better focus than supporting kids in our communities. The resources and opportunities kids are exposed to at a young age can have long-term life changing benefits. 

So when Brent Macon became CEO of Daymaker, the self described "Big Little Kid" knew where he and his team could make the biggest impact. The Daymaker platform makes giving easy and rewarding, allowing organizations and individuals to participate in seasonal giving campaigns to children in underserved communities.

What makes Daymaker unique is the one-to-one connection each giver has with an individual child and their specific needs. With non-profit partners such as the Boys & Girls Club and Big Brothers Big Sisters, Daymaker helps organizations build habits of generosity that can transform company culture. 

In this episode, we speak with Brent about his vision for the company, innovation in corporate giving, and the lessons he's learned along the way. 


 💡 Name: Brent Macon

 💡 What he does: He's the CEO and Big Little Kid at Daymaker.

 💡 Company: Daymaker

 💡 Noteworthy: Before joining Daymaker, Brent worked as an operations and logistics manager at Uber and an engagement manager at McKinsey & Company.

 💡  Where to find Brent: LinkedIn

Aug 11 2022
Brent Macon